9th Grade World History & Geography
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Class Unit Sheets/Maps/Project Information

Class Unit Sheets/Maps/Project Information

Welcome to Semester Two World History & Geography!

A Special Note To Parents: Each unit sheet has a Class Calendar section that tells when assignments are due and when there are tests for each unit.

Castle Project Directions can be found below.

document Picture Writing Story.doc   --  Picture Writing Story Directions
document Unit 3 Map.doc   --  Unit 3 Map
document House Model Scoring Rubric.doc   --  House Model Scoring Rubric
document china_map_0.JPEG   --  Unit 4 Map, China
document romans_map_0.JPEG   --  Unit 7 Map, The Romans
document how_i_fit_into_the_twin_cities_project_09-10.doc   --  How I Fit Into The Twin Cities Project
document road_map_to_de_09-10.doc   --  Road Map To DeLaSalle Project
document unit_2_beginnings_of_civilization_09-10_semester2.doc   --  Unit 2 Objectives, Vocabulary, & Class Calendar
document house_research_project_09-10_semester_2.doc   --  House Research Project
document Unit Three   --  Objectives/Vocabulary/Class Calendar
document Unit 4, China   --  Objectives, Vocabulary, Class Calendar, and Soap Carving Directions
document Unit 5 Civilization in India   --  Brief Objectives & Vocabulary
document Unit 6, Classical Greece   --  Vocabulary, Objectives, Class Calendar, & Plate Project
document unit_6_myth_writing_project_2009-2010.doc   --  Unit 6 Myth Writing Project
document greek_civilization_map_0.JPEG   --  Unit 6 Map of Greek Civilization
document castle_project_outline_0.JPEG   --  Castle Project Directions ...to be discussed during class
document map_unit_10_muslims_0.JPEG   --  Unit 9 Map