Algebra 2
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Algebra 2

Algebra 2

Course Description:  This course is recommended for any students planning to enter college or technical school.  Students will study these different functions:  linear, exponential, logarithmic, quadratic, radical and trigonometric.  Students will also study systems of equations, polynomials, sequence and series, and right triangle trigonometry.

Unit Outline:

       Textbook:  Algebra 2
        Notebook, folder, pen or pencils
       Graphing Calculator (recommend TI-83 or TI-84)

Grading:             Tests                        50%
Quizzes                    20%
                           Homework                 20%
                           Semester Final           10%

Grading Scale:           93-100       =  A                  77-72.999  =  C +
                       90-92.999  =  A –                73-76.999  =  C
87-89.999  =  B +                70-72.999  =  C –

             83-86.999  =  B                   67-69.999  =  D +

  80-82.999  =  B –                63-66.999  =  D                                                                                         60-62.999  =  D

Below 60   =  F        

Class Expectations:  Students will expect to be very active learners.  Students absent the day of a test or quiz are expected to complete the make-up on the day of return.  Students absent for more than one day should discuss a make-up day with me.  Students absent have one day to complete homework form the day they were gone.  Homework will be given on a daily basis.
If you need to set up other time for additional help, SEE ME as soon as possible so that we can work out a time to meet.