Christianity in America
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Christianity in America

Christianity in America

The students will review the characters and events in history that influenced the unique development of the Christian church and its theology in North and South America.  This course will examine numerous topics including missions, settlements, indigenous people, slavery, and the ongoing relationship between church and state.

Instructions for the Final:

Review chapter six in American Gospel & chapter seven in Communion of Immigrants.

Essay Questions for the Final

  • What general lesson did the founders receive from their experiences in Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania & Maryland? (Review p.56-58)   Explain why it would be wrong to conclude that the founders understanding of the principle of “separation of church and state” does not envision a public life free of religion. (Review p. 80-84)  American Gospel
  • Describe the experiences of the Roman Catholics in the following three stages of American history: Colonial era (chapter 2), Progressive era/ New Deal Era (chapter 5), and the current era (chapter 7). Communion of Immigrants