Composition Notebook
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Composition Notebook Assignments

Composition Notebook Assignments
  • Begin Semester Two
  • 1/19 Discuss your ideas on the role of women in today's society.  What are the expectations for women?  What are the traditional roles that women are expected to keep?  Do you agree with these roles and expectations?
  • 1/20 Keep a list of the 26 vocabulary words given in the "Words for Everyday Use" boxes throughout A Doll's House.  For each, provide the following: a) word; b) definition and part of speech; c) a sentence using the word properly.
  • 1/25  Analyze the characters Nora and Torvald from act 1 of A Doll's House.  List specific actions, dialogue, or other aspects to help show how Ibsen creates the characters.
  • 1/26 Write a developed response to the "Reader's Journal" on page 133 of the Literature textbook.
  • 1/29 Discuss how the Wolstonecraft's essay, A Vindication of the Rights of Women relates to A Doll's House and sheds light on why Nora acts as she does.
  • 2/2 Write your opinion as to whether or not Nora made the right decision to leave her family.
  • 2/3 Analyze A Doll's House based on the themes : Appearances vs. Reality, Sacrificial Role of Women, and Familial Obligations/Duty.
  • 3/23 Analyze the characters of Aliosha and Belayeff from Chekhov's Trifle from Real Life.
  • 4/20 From "Orwell and the Left" identify and discuss the 5 stages of a revolution.
  • 5/5 Summarize the ideas that are and are not permissable from pp.178-179 and p. 187 from Cry the Beloved Country
  • 3/26  
  • 1.Find details that help describe the Kelveys and also the Burnells.  What do these details reveal to us?  What are we meant to think or feel about each?
    2.Read the detail and description given of the doll house. Can you find the symbolism?  Explain how it works, what it means.
    3.Analyze (find and discuss) the stylistic choices of the writer.  Explain how the author uses these to create tone or meaning. (Esp. syntax, diction, detail.)