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Extra Credit Question

Extra Credit Question


           In this section students in Mr. Jung’s classes will have the opportunity to answer a question to earn extra credit. A student will only get one response per question and that response must be submitted in writing. The extra credit earned will be dependent on the the amount of school days the question has been posted. For each day, the student will receive one point of extra credit, with the maximum being 5 points (one school week). Only the first correct response will receive credit for the question.

The 1st semester 09-10 title goes to - Honors Chemistry (26 correct answers)

Current Semester Correct Answer Totals:

9th Grade Physical Science - 3

Honors Chemistry - 16

Mr. Jung (no correct answers) - 5

Question # 58 – 4/28/10
There is a 10-digit number, represented by ABCDEFGHIJ, where each numeral, 0 through 9, is used once. Given the following clues, what is the number?

1) A + D = a square number
2) G + J = a triangle number
3) B + I = an even number
4) E * F = an odd number
5) C * H = a prime number
6) A / G = G / C
7) E + I = B + H
Correct Answer – 4615972308
Answered 4/30/10 @ 8:00 AM
Question #59 – 5/3/10
In a sealed container you have 13 blue marbles and 15 red marbles. You also have 28 red marbles outside the container. Remove two marbles, randomly, from the container. If they are the same color, take them out and put a red marble back in the container. If they are of different colors, put the blue one back in the container. Continue this until only one marble remains in the container. What color is the last marble?
Correct Answer - The last marble will be blue. Since marbles can only be taken out in pairs and you started off with an odd number of blue there is always going to be one blue left over that you'll keep putting back in the box until it's left on its own.
Answered 5/5/10 @ 11:00 AM
Question #60 – 5/6/10

          Some one gives you a glass of water and a piece of cork and tells you that no matter how many times you place the cork in the glass, it will always drift toward the sides of the glass. You bet this person $100 that you can get the cork to stay in the middle of the glass, how do you win this bet?

Correct Answer – Fill the glass so that it is nearly overflowing, and the cork will float to the highest point on the water, which would be the center of the glass, or remove the water from the glass!
Answered on 5/7/10 & 5/11/10 (2 different answers)
Question #61 – 5/12/10
            You are playing in a chess tournament against 8 different people at the same time. Assuming all outcomes are equal, what is the probability that you win all 8 games?

Correct Answer - In a chess game, one can win, lose, draw, stalemate, resign, or opponent resigns. That is a total of 6 possibilities for one game! Odds of winning one game are 1 in 6. Odds of winning all 8 games are (1/6)^8. So,
(1/6)^8=.000000595, or .0000595%

Not Answered by 5/19/10


Question #62 – 5/20/10

            How much dirt would be in a hole 6 feet deep and 6 feet wide that has been dug with a square edged shovel?

Correct Answer – None…no matter how big a hole it is, it still has no dirt in it!
Answered 5/26/10 @ 11:00 AM
Question #63 – 5/27/10
How can you make this equation correct by moving only one of the numbers?
62 - 63 = 1