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Honors Chemistry


       Welcome to the Honors Chemistry website! Check the links to the right for the class schedule and posting of the notes from class. Also check any of the extra links that may appear below for more information on what we are currently covering in class.


Haber Process Interactive - A website that explains how ammonia is made through the Haber Process and how the reversible reaction is manipulated to form as much product as possible.

Reversible Reactions & Rates - This applet from the University of Colorado allows you to manipulate equilibrium reactions to see how they respond to various changes.

pH, pOH, [H3O+], [OH-] Problems - This website gives you practice problems and grades your results in real-time.

The ChemCollective: Virtual Chemistry Lab - This Java applet is a fully functional virtual laboratory that we use during our Acids & Bases Unit to perform virtual titrations of different acids and bases.

The pH Scale - This applet from the University of Colorado studies the pH scale and how it changes the numbers of hydronium or hydroxide ions on a logarithmic scale.

Virtual Titrations Lab - This applet from Iowa State University allows you to titrate different acid and base combinations and graph their results to form titration curves. This is NOT the website to use for our Virtual Titrations Lab, but rather another resource to use in our studies of acids and bases.

Important Class Handouts

PDF Polyatomic Ion Chart.pdf   --  This is the chart of polyatomic ions that appears on our homework and Periodic Tables during tests.
PDF Heat of Formation Table.pdf   --  Two tables that show enthalpy values for thermochemical calculations.