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Mr. Kenneth Gieske, Social Studies

Mr. Kenneth Gieske, Social Studies

First Suspension Bridge, MNHS 
World History and Geography

This is a one semester course that covers the early development of civilizations in Europe, Africa, and Asia, and uses maps, reading, and hands-on projects.  We start with a unit on the history of Minneapolis and DeLaSalle High School to show how an area and even people's houses change over time and then move to human development.

AP European History

is a two semester course that covers European History from the beginning of the Renaissance to the present time and culminates in taking the AP European History Test in early May.  Students should expect to do considerable reading and writing for this class.

World War II

A one semester course that covers much of World War II. The students will have assigned readings from a text and other sources, and they will do different projects

such as putting together a plastic model of a piece of WWII military equipment.  We also do quite a bit of "show and tell" using models and some actual equipment of the time.

Hammurabi's Code: the Goal of Civilizations

"To cause justice to prevail in the land, to destroy the wicked and the evil, to prevent the strong from oppressing the weak...and to further the welfare of the people."