Team Sports
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Through a wide variety of team activities, the students will develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and others as well as being physical active. Being a contributing member of a group and/or team in a variety of leadership roles will give the student an opportunity to learn techniques to lead effectively and to positively influence the behavior of others.

Units Covered:

Badminton, Basketball, Big Base, Bocce Ball, Dodge-ball games, Floor Hockey, Football, 4-Square, Indoor Soccer, Kin-ball, Lacrosse, Pickleball, Team Handball, Team Hot Potato, Ultimate, Volleyball, Whiffle-ball and Creation of Your Games.


You will be graded on Creating a Team Game 10%; the Evaluation of classmates games 5%; Demonstration of Leadership Skills 15% and Participation 70%.


Keys to Success:

1.       Be on time to class and from changing.  Students get 6 minutes at the beginning and end of class to change. 

2.       Be respectful and cooperative, work to your potential.

3.       If you cannot participate, you must have a note from a medical doctorAlternative activity will be assigned.  The expectation is that if you are well enough to be in school, you are well enough to participate in some way in class. We do something important and meaningful everyday.

Teacher: Miss Mary Beth Barry

Phone: 612/676-7668