The Games We Play
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The Games We Play

The Games We Play











   *Both Sides of Your Brain & Body

   *Improving Eye-Hand Coordination


*Speed and Concentration






*Hold Loose

*Light, Soft Touch

*Slide, Don’t Slam

*Hold on Sides, Not Tops

*Base of the Cups Touching

*No Gaps or Spaces

*Down Stack in 2 Moves




Challenge To Master:


Text Box: Beginners:       15 seconds
Fast:	            7 seconds
Really Fast:     Under 5 seconds
World Class:   Under 3.50 secondsThe 3-6-3 Stack:




      Step 1: The 3 Stack (Up stack, Down stack)

                  Tip: Always grab and hold cups w/hands on sides of the                          cups, never tops of cups


       Step 2: The 3-3 Stack

RULE: You must always go back to the beginning to down stack






       Step 3: The 3-3-3 Stack


RULE: Handle only one stack a time






       Step 4: The 6 Stack

                     Tip: Alternate your hands: “right, left, right, left, right”


       Step 5: The 3-6-3 Stack

                                    Tip: Go slow now to STACK FASTER later.

RULE: Fix your “fumbles” immediately when they happen.


                             Use the 3-2-1 method on the 6 stack


Once You have Mastered 3-6-3 Stack w/a fast time,

Challenge yourself w/