Foundations of Physical Education
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Physical Education

Goals:  To provide students with the opportunity to learn and develop the basic skills and knowledge in a wide variety of organized team and individual physical activities.

Units Covered: Alive Drums, Badminton, Basketball, Balance Ball Training, Big Base, Bocce Ball, Circuit Training, Dodge-ball games, Floor Hockey, Football, Indoor Soccer, Kin-ball, Lacrosse, Pickleball, Sport Stacking, Strength Bands, Tae Bo, Ta Chi, Team Handball, Team Hot Potato, Ultimate, Volleyball, Walking, Whiffle-ball and Yoga

Requirements:  Students are to wear their issued DeLaSalle physical education uniform or some other DeLaSalle activity apparel.

Evaluation: You will be graded on study guides for the mid-term 2% and final 3%; exams for mid-term 10% and final 15% ;daily participation 50%; and demonstration of skills master (Agility ladder, Yoga poses, Juggling 3balls/10 exchanges, Sport Stacking 3-6-3, Warm-up routine, Alive Drums, Balance ball, Reaction ball, Takaw, and Jump-rope) 20%.

Keys to Success:

1.   Be on time.  To class and from changing, students get 6 minutes at the beginning and      end of class to change. 

2.   Be respectful and cooperative, work to your potential.

3.       If you cannot participate, you must have a note from a medical doctor.   Alternative activity will be assigned.  The expectation is that if you are well enough to be in school, you are well enough to participate in some way in class.  We do something important and meaningful everyday.

4.       Call this course Physical Education not Gym.  Physical education is subject where the students are learners on their feet and gym is a structure of the building.

5.       Behave appropriately in the locker room.

6.       Keep your locker locked.

7.       Put your name in your uniform.

Teacher: Miss Mary Beth Barry

Phone: 612/676-7668