History Day 2010
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History Day 2010

History Day 2010

History Day 2010: Innovations in History: Impact and Change

Bold to State History Day, May 1, University of Minnesota

Group Exhibits

  • Maureen Boyce, Lisa Otto: Joseph Lister: Surgical Hero First Place Advances to Nationals
  • Taylor Vogt, Alyssa Warren: Maragret Sanger Honorable Mention
  • Ellen Brady, Anne Billig: The Willmar Eight: Pioneers for Equal Pay Honorable MentionTopical Prize: Labor History
  • Gabe Reese, Sam Menzel, John Aubart, Jake Lenzmeier: Tommy John Surgery,
  • Jessie Zumeta, Kateri Cavenaugh, Amy Zumeta: Flappers: An Innovation in Femininity
  • Claire Muller, Christi Swords, Laura Asp: The Mechanics of the Titanic

Individual Exhibits

  • Jeanna Nesbitt: Dorothea Dix Third Place Advances to Nationals
  • Nathan Wilson: The Rise of Public Housing Fifth Place
  • Katie Borman: Levi’s: The Brand That Made Jeans Legendary Honorable Mention Topical Prize: History of the West
  • Kayla Flemmons: Charles Hamilton Houston
  • Patrick Subialka: Sports Domes

Group Documentaries

  • Linda Blair, LaTanza Britts, Cortney Moore: Lena Smith: A Voice Heard, A Case Still Pending Fourth Place
  • Mikaela Buscher, Adreinne Sherman; Hoorah for the Bra: An Uplifting Innovation
  • Stephinie Hart, Kevin Vrla, Maddie Maney: We AIM Not to Please Honorable Mention Topical Prize: American Indian History
  • Megan Howell, Kate Wageman: The Guthrie Theater Second Place Advances to Nationals
  • Michael Baumgartner, John Pucci: Fast Foods: Speedy Service System Honorable Mention
  • Ana George, Lauren Kopka: Seeking Perfection: Eugenics and The Impact of Nazi Medicine
  • Alec Arthur, Jon Sydeski, Joshua Graham: Commercial Aviation: The Flight to New Horizons

Individual Documentaries

  • Maura Williams-Freier: Jazz: The Impact and Legacy of Louis Armstrong

Group Performance

  • Lucas Wehrwein, Ryan Howell: The Wagner Act: A Significant Change in American Labor  Honorable Mention  Topical Prize: Minneapolis Labor History

Research Papers

  • Jeff Weiss: Sputnik: Miracle and Misfortune Honorable Mention
  • Mary Beth Taylor: Surgery for the Soul: Lobotomy in America and Its Impact on Psychiatric Medicine Third Place
  • Sam Benson-Devine: Ernst Rutherford and the Atom

Web Pages

  • Lauren Williams, China Beverly, Jasmine Randle, Chanel Dickensen: Madame C.J. Walker: Self-Made Millionaire  Honorable Mention
  • Jaime Carreno, Kyle Young: Peter Drucker’s Theory of Modern Management Second Place Advances to Nationals
  • Al Organ, Lucas. Erickson: The AK-47 Honorable Mention
  • Laurena Schlottach-Ratcliff: Bill Bowerman: Renovating Running Honorable Mention Topical Prize: University of Minnesota, College of Liberal Arts History Day Scholarship
  • Jake Bilyk, Jake Wild Crea: PLATO: Online Community and Education Honorable Mention