Lettering in Theatre Arts
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Earning A Lettter, Bar & Captain's Star in Theatre

Earning A Lettter, Bar & Captain's Star in Theatre

Students earn a "letter" and are eligible to purchase a jacket or aquire subsequent patches for that jacket by meeting specific requirements in school activities.


Earning a "Theatre Letter"


Students earn a letter in theatre by participating in a substantial way on the cast or crew of two theatre productions, or what we call "qualifying" for a letter in a given production.  To qualify for a letter, students will have met specific attendance requirments or other reasonable expectations associated with a particular production.  For example, cast members will have to contribute a minimum number of hours in stage work or set construction.  Likewise, crew members will need to be present for a specified number of performances.

After earning a letter in theatre students aquire "bars" for their letter jacket that represent "lettering"  in subsequent years.   Students aquire a "bar" in theatre by simply "qualifying" for one show in a subsequent year.  Students may earn one letter and up to three "bars" in theatre in their four years of high school.

Earning a "Captain's star" in theatre.  

Other activities appoint captains and those students are able to place a "captain's star" on their letter jackets.  In theatre, we award a "star" to students who "qualifies" for a letter in all of our theatrical productions in a given academic year.  This means one who "qualifies" for our Fall Play, One-Act, and Musical will be awarded a "captain's star"